5 Types of Vehicles That Make
The Best Limousines

5 Types of Vehicles That Make The Best Limousines

Whether it’s time to impress your business partner, get a pair of awesome wheels to take all the groomsmen on your planned bachelor party Vegas strip, treat yourself to a little extravaganza for your anniversary (or just because you can!), rent a super luxurious black car for the girls to enjoy their bachelorette night or have a prom night splash with your friends, there is an undeniable significance to renting a limo service. With their exuberant interiors, super comfortable and spacious seating accommodations, full private driver service, and the all-known VIP status association, these cars are built for enjoyment.

We know what you are thinking: these massive cars are too hard to operate on a daily basis, and you are right for the most part. Still, they are incredibly practical, especially if you are in the type of business that waits for no one. Business and corporate people need a spacious, comfy office on wheels, actresses need a place to change, families need enough space for the entire family to ride comfortably, musicians demand space for the entire band (and everyone who happens to tag along) to kick back and relax after a gig or their ride to one. In situations like these, hiring limo service is the obvious choice, especially if they come with a personal driver as a package deal.

If you’re considering stretching a vehicle for a custom limo, you might want to consider one of these five vehicles that make the best limousines. Their long histories as limos have set them apart from other cars and SUV’s. These five offer the best combination of comfort, safety, room and luxury.

Cadillac Escalade - 5 Types of Vehicles That Make The Best Limousines

Lincoln Town Car:

The longer body style makes it ideal for transitioning into a stretch limo. This model has served as the go-to for years. When stretched, it’ll usually fit 6-12 passengers. There’s already ample room inside the vehicle before it’s stretched. This allows for more customization once stretched and plenty of floor space. As a luxury vehicle already, the focus of this phenomenal car is primarily on comfort, which passengers love. Along with the Town Car, Lincoln MKT’s make great limos.

Cadillac XTS:

A quick look at some of the top presidential limos and you’ll notice several Cadillac and Lincolns. Though most Cadillac models work well as limousines, the Cadillac XTS already has the power and luxury features you’d expect from a limo, and that’s before it’s stretched. This means less work has to go into the engine and amenities to get a good base limo. It’s easy to customize and it looks slightly more elegant than the Town Car which makes it a perfect limousine service option.

Hummer H2:

Whenever a limo fleet has an SUV limo, you’ll likely see a Hummer H2. It’s one of the vehicles that will always make for the best limousines, at least as far as SUVs go. The body is already made to accommodate a large group while still offering comfort and legroom. The design instantly makes you think of power, prestige and good times.

Lincoln Town Car - 5 Types of Vehicles That Make The Best Limousines

Chrysler 300:

The Chrysler 300 is just as common as the Lincoln Town Car. Even before being stretched, the vehicle is the epitome of classic elegance. The full-sized luxury sedan offers a longer, wider body that’s made for stretching. The vehicle is designed for not just luxury but speed and smooth handling as well.

Cadillac Escalade:

There’s a reason there are two Cadillacs on this list. The Cadillac name is synonymous with luxury while still offering some of the best safety features and a smooth ride. Cadillac Escalade is a classier SUV limo than the Hummer H2 and offers room for up to 20 passengers once stretched. A typical statement car, Cadillac Escalade prides on unmatched refinement, incredibly beautiful design and the extraordinary comfort.

Going through these five cars, which one would you make your first choice?

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