Top 4 Ways to Impress Your New Client
(hint: Renting a Limo Is One of Them)

Top 4 Ways to Impress Your New Client

Lesson one: Forget everything they’ve been telling you about modesty. It’s okay to indulge when you’ve earned it.

Lesson two: First impressions count, they always have and always will – despite the modern theories potentially disputing it.

Working hard on your business project and evaluating potential business partners along is as stressful as it gets. Collaborating with the right people on something you’ve built is almost as important as the product/service itself. For that, your business partners must be people you have 100% faith in.

Once you choose the people to work with, you want to reward and impress them… and, the best way to that? Well, read below.

Top 4 Ways to Impress Your New Client 2 - Top 4 Ways to Impress Your New Client

Be Precise, Punctual and Respectful

In business – there is no such thing as fashionably late. Whether it’s common sense or subconscious observation, no one would want to collaborate with someone who isn’t respectful of their time. So, arrive about fifteen minutes early to your agreed place and be prepared for the meeting you are about to have. Dress for the occasion and make sure your hygiene is in order. Dirty hair, bad breath, stinky clothes and a bad posture simply won’t do. Drop anything that may remind of a grim attitude: you are there to make business and you are happy about it… right? Poise and professionalism will take you a long way.

Impress Them With a Splash

No (potential) business partner will remain indifferent when treated to a business-appropriate splash. When picking up your partner from the airport, their hotel or wherever else, hire limo service or airport car service to do it for you. These days, hiring a limousine service or a corporate car rental in the business world is one of the most common, affordable and yet very pompous things to do. A personal driver that comes with the hire will pick up your business party from wherever needed and drop them off to the appointed destination. Your business partner will love that you are a hands-on person, and they’ll love the luxury you are treating them to. Plus, whoever sees a powerful black car picking them up, and one sent by their partner won’t think anything else but: this is the person I want to work with.

Top 4 Ways to Impress Your New Client 3 - Top 4 Ways to Impress Your New Client

Stay Respectful

One of the biggest mistakes business people make is being too stubborn about the project they’ve signed. Although you shouldn’t let anyone mess up with your vision, you should remain open to your partner’s suggestions. Be firm with your beliefs but remain flexible – listen to what they’ve got to say. Maybe they suggest something you’ve accidentally omitted? What if they potentially inspire you to start another project? Whatever your potential business partner suggests, consider it. If, however, you have very strong beliefs about a particular thing and you strongly disagree with the other party, hit them up with a “That is your opinion, and I respect it. However, my standpoint is this”. Clean, simple, respectful. Also, make sure you come in a great car (rental or your own) – it says a lot about you.

Prepare Thoroughly

Coming to a meeting prepared is a must: even though you do know the basics and you may even have an idea of the direction the talk will go in, go an extra step and get all the information you may need. Think your partner’s professional background, their projects, everything related to the topic of discussion, suggestions and potential outcomes related to the project, etc. Preparing thoroughly for your meeting is one of the key elements of your business success.

Good luck choosing the best person to work with, we hope the tips above helped. And, hey – don’t forget to add a little luxury to the mix: it’s never hurt anyone!

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